Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by and looking through my work. 

I hope you'll stay and explore a bit about who I am and what I do.

I am Felicia, an Otago based photographer with a focus on portrait and interior photography.

I love creating authentic and thoughtful work, that captures people and the places in which they live and laugh. 


Felicia made herself available when plans changed and within 24 hours we put together our elopement five days early to make sure we could leave New Zealand and get home safely before COVID restrictions began in Australia. 

She was a ray of sunshine in the midst of a crazy period of time for us. Aaron and I haven’t ever had a couples shoot before and Felicia was patient, kind and the absolute sweetest person. She made us feel so comfortable in front of her camera. She gave good direction, while also just letting us be ourselves. 

I’ve been staring at the photos for hours and can’t wait to fill the walls of not just our homes with her shots, but also all our families. They’re going to look fantastic! 

Kellee and Aaron

© 2020 by  Felicia Kubieziel.